Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pitti Uomo... My First

I remember my first Pitti Immagine event. It was Pitti Uomo, I was new in Italy and had just started fashion school. They told us that we would be attending a fashion fair, but I had no idea it was THE fashion fair. We raced home from class, drenched in sweat because Florence is impossibly hot in the summer and AC is nothing but a dream. After digging through closets and changing into the best we could do (black skirt, black top), we headed to the Fortezza.... via bus. That's how you roll when you are a student.

Two steps into Pitti Uomo and all I can say is that I felt like a total fish out of water. The fashion, the style, the simple way that Italians can make jeans and loafers look crisp, classic and intimidating as hell. With my eyes halfway out of my head, we walked around for hours soaking it all in, speaking in broken Italian and trying to blend in a much as possible.

And then we left, went home totally exhausted, peeled off our respectable outfits and plopped down with a bottle of wine and a block of cheese. Our eyes glazed over, our brains a bit dazed and our bags full of swag.

(total sidenote... Pitti Bimbo (the children's clothing fair) was way more silly and fun and the hello kitty tent had champagne drinks, ice cream and a dj.

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