Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting Bootylicious

I have made fun of Beyonce for years. Made inappropriate jokes. Very inappropriate jokes. But tonight I am off to NYC to get bootylicious with it. Yes, I am going to see Beyonce. And I am kinda excited. Since my studded wife beater and cut-off booty shorts didn't arrive in time (kidding, beyonce would totally mock me if I wore a studded wife beater. That is so 2002) I am sporting my satin shorts and a tee-shirt. I'll blend in like a chameleon. And as an accessory there will be a drink in my hand the entire time. Which I will only put down to do the single ladies hand dance that she does. Because let's be honest, that sh*t looks fun. Oh, and her hubby Jay Z better be there because he is the

gold covered kisses,

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