Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florence Calling

Lately I have been missing Florence. Maybe it is the new gelato shop by my house that reminds me of my twice-daily sweet snack while I was abroad. Maybe it is the warm weather that has me missing riding my bike around the city (with heels on... that's how I roll). Maybe it is our sunday bbq's that remind me of late dinners of wine and pizza and cheese. Mmm... cheese.
Maybe it is the fact that I have been back for over a year, but it all seems like lifetimes ago.
Enough with the maybes.

I saw this picture (thanks Sartorialist) and knew exactly where it was taken. By the Duomo, across from one of our favorite pubs, around the corner from the Pinko shop and right by where the artists yell after you to draw your portrait.

Lucky bitch.

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