Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1: Not So Smoothe

First day of the raw food cleanse. I woke up feeling pretty good. Blasted a little Jay Z on the ipod, my hair was working for me and my rumbling tummy said it was time for breakfast. Now my normal breakfast is a cup of coffee with a lot of milk on the way to work and some hi-fiber cereal with almond milk at work. But from the little post-it on my fridge, I saw that today was smoothie day (yes, I made a post-it for each meal with the recipe).

Last night I went to whole foods and bought raw wheat berries and buck wheat kernals that need to be soaked over night. Then you set them out and they sprout in a few days. I did as told... I soaked my wheat. The buckwheat was soft and smelled a little nutty... oh yeah, I bought roasted buckwheat. Whatever - details, details. The wheat berries were still pretty hard. But my post-it said to put a few tablespoons of each into the blender with an apple and banana and a delicious smoothie would come out. And that's what I did.

What came out was more like the consistency of vomit and tasted like I licked the floor of a bar after New Year's Eve. I am sorry if that is disgusting, but imagine having it in your mouth. I mean, I still drank it. Waste not want not. But it wasn't fun.

And about an hour later I had my "aha!" moment. I wasn't supposed to use either thing until they had sprouted. SPROUTED I say! Then it lends a sort of sweet and smoothe texture.


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