Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trading Vows

I have two dresses for two weddings in May. One is bright blue and the other is deep purple. One long and flowy, the other short and tight. One fun and loud, the other mature and sultry.
I could only find a picture of the one. I am going to wrap my waist in a satin black wrap belt.

Now. I. Am. Obsessed. With. The. Shoes.


Amy Grubbs said...

cute! where is that dress from? I need one for my 18 million weddings this season...

dekaN dc said...

banana republic... super duper cheap!

Ryan and Courtney said...

love it! which one are you wearing to my shindig? as for shoes...bring a pair of comfy sandals, just in case the grass gets the better of your heels.

p.s. I LOVE those heels from guess.

p.p.s. Did I mention that my wedding shoes are kelly green?