Thursday, April 23, 2009


My sister and I are huge dorks in the sense that we are always trying to trick each other. We both think we are good at telling the other person little made up stories, but in truth we both totally suck at lying.

Except for today, when she got me.... sort of. She called me earlier in the week to ask me what hotel we were staying at for our cousin's wedding. It was the Hilton, but knowing how she feels about skeavy hotels, I made up a story that I found a cheaper Red Roof Inn a mile down the road and canceled our comfy two bathroom suite at the Hilton for that. I thought I was mighty clever. Then she called me back and told me that her hubby could have gotten us a free upgrade to the presidental suite at the Hilton, but he turned it down because she thought I wanted the cheaper hotel to save money. This went on for about 10 minutes with me asking questions, her making up answers. And I believed her... sort of.

She finally caved and told me the truth right before we hung up. She wins. Til next week when we are sure to play this little game again. Like I said, dorks!

(update: I just got an email from her that said "Gotcha!" We embrace our dorkiness.)

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Ryan and Courtney said...

There is a HOJO right down the street from my house. It is located right behind a McDonald's and Long John's Silvers. Don't you want to stay there?