Monday, December 15, 2008

We Love Tylenol and Free Cabs

How cool is this? Tylenol and CVS are offering free taxi rides in pink and white British-style cabs as part of a promotion for Tylenol Warming Liquids. This beats the hell out of the smelly, dirty cabs that usually roll around DC.
The best part... the cabs will take you anywhere in the district (up to a $25 fare). The free taxis will be moved to a new CVS location every day this week. Unless you live in Dupont Circle, then double-score... cabs will be available there every day.

Here's the schedule (12pm - 8pm):

Monday through Friday 12/15 - 12/21: Dupont Circle, NW
Monday, December 15: 1199 Vermont Avenue, NW
Tuesday, December 16: 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Wednesday, December 17: 435 8th Street, NW
Thursday, December 18: 400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Friday, December 19: 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Saturday, December 20: 4555 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Sunday, December 21: 3031 14th Street, NW
vroom, vroom!

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