Monday, December 15, 2008

Manly Boots

Last Thursday night I spent close to 10 minutes talking boots with the bouncer at Marvin. If there is even a drop if moisture from the sky, I immediately use it as an excuse to wear my mukaluks (aka wellies). ( I love them. Maybe a little too much. It can be awkward.) Anyway, he liked my boots, which got us talking about his quest for boots and me telling him about this amazing pair of Timberland knee-high lace-up boots rain boots that I had recently seen. Then there was this whole conversation about where he could go looking for boots. Yeah, this explains why I am single.

Anywayyy.... I was just reading Modern Destiny where he too is obsessed with boots. Then I read Panda Head and from there I clicked over to to check out Chanels latest collection. Which has lots of men in boots. I like the calf high boots on a guy... alot. But can a man pull of knee-high boots with his pants tucked in... you know, outside of an eqestrian show?

Tell you what... you send those two men over my way and I promise to make a decision. Deal?

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