Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naughty or Nice - Frye's Paige Boot

I am not gonna lie, all day I have been thinking about Frye's Paige buckle boot. They are stuck in my head like a bad Beyonce song. My sweet lil cousin emailed me saying she bought a pair in grey and they are too small on her. Do I want them?

Yes, yes, yes!

But do my feet squeeze into a size 8. And with this recession, do I want to splurge?

Did I mention she got them for a third of the cost?

Le sigh...


Courtney said...

Soo...are you going to squeeze and splurge?? 'Cause if not, this chica is going to return them and buy something else unnecessary from Anthropologie!

ash said...

recession or not, how can you beat a pair of frye's at that price. and i can get you a pair that actually fits. just call me the candy-man.