Monday, January 26, 2009

Tie a Ribbon Around My Heart, Mariam Salat

As if we needed another reason to love Marian Salat's jewelery is currently on sale through tomorrow. Her pieces are sunny and pretty and make me swoon to scoop them up and decorate myself. The sale makes the prices not bad at all... you know, if you are the type with any disposable income right now.

Prepare to ooh lala:

white resin sun ring
$54 (originally $108)

butterfly drop earrings
$135 (originally $348)

white resin cuff
$165 (originally $472)

There's a lot more on sale at Gilt, so go buy something. I promise not to be too jealous.

1 comment:

McLean said...

So glad you mentioned this - I am in LOVE with BoChic (her higher end line) ever since my mom got one of her rings for Christmas. If you love Miriam Salat, you'll drool over Bochic!!