Monday, January 5, 2009

Forever Young

When we were little we would spend hours playing with our cabbage patch dolls. Dressing them up, feeding them bottles and changing their teeney tiny diapers. As we got older, and in our pre-tween minds more sophisticated, we switched to barbie. Hours were spent decorating the perfect room for barbie, picking out the perfect hair style for her date with Ken and fighting over who got to wear the formal dress and who got to wear the mini-skirt.

Time moved on and we paid less attention to dolls and more attention to boys and school. Instead of decorating barbie's dreamhouse we were decorating our first apartment. And fake weddings turned into the real thing. But always, somehow, we were still kids.

And with new babies and new homes and new families, we will still always be kids. Just kids with better toys.

Today my sister finally had her little baby girl. Welcome to the family baby Elle... we've been waiting for you!

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