Monday, October 19, 2009

Print Overload

This is the list of magazines that I currently subscribe to:
  • Vogue
  • W
  • Marie Claire
  • Simply Home
  • Elle
  • Elle Decor
  • Cooking Light
  • Glamour
Yes, I know... that's alot. I can explain though. W is the one magazine that I catalog and keep. Simply Home is actually my sister's but for some reason started coming to me and I am addicted now. I ordered Cooking Light from my brother for his magazine drive. Vogue... well, it's just Vogue - enough said. Elle Decor and Elle were a deal where a year of both was $8 total. Glamour and Marie Claire, yeah I don't know. I just get them and can't stop. Though they may be replaced with V Magazine and Washingtonian.

Is this healthy? How many magazines do you get each month? And do you actually read them all?

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