Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Raw Beauty

I own very little "modern" jewelry. My favorite pin is from my Nana, my most treasured ring is from my Grandma and I heart the necklace that friends bought me from a vintage fair in Italy. New jewelry lacks the depth, the stories, the memories that come attached to it. Plus, I love wearing something close to my heart that was once worn by someone, well, close to my heart.

Last weekend my auntie B loaned me my Grandma's pearls. I was so excited to wear them that I put them on for the plane ride home... with a tee shirt, sandals and jeans. Hey, aren't we always saying that people need to dress up more for travel? They have an amazing diamond broach that you can remove from the clasp and wear alone (which I am doing today so that the V in my neck isn't too low...). I'm sure Granny would approve.

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