Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rachel Zoe Project, who knew?

There is something about the Rachel Zoe Project that makes it very addicting. It's hard not to wonder if other stylists love her or hate her... or if the rumors are true.

Go watch it now!
Then call me so we can discuss.Team Brad!

Hair Happenings

I have to be honest, I've been freaking out a little bit about my new hair. To the point that my hairdresser and I have been texting since Saturday night (yes, we are THAT close). So I am going to take his advice, have a "mental margarita" and rock the dark look.

brunette covered kisses,

(But for the record, I still sorta miss the blonde. Just saying...)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Heels Gone Wild

I remember seeing the flower heel in Prada last spring and thinking that it was far too pretty to ever walk in, but still lusting after it regardless.

Dior just showed their new heel on the runway in Paris. And I think it is far too outrageous to ever walk in...

but still find it a bit lust-worthy.
Nothing says style like a naked figure at your feet!

Writer's Block

I have sat down separate times to write and have total and complete writers block. Nothing. Nada. Zero. I know what I want to write, but can't get it onto paper. I am in a creative desert.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Those Crafty Bastards

I finally got to check out Crafty Bastards today. I went wanting two things... a purse and some jewelry. I walked away with one thing... a little outfit for my new niece. She's going to be the talk of the town in it.

I did see some amazing, unique jewelry by Hand of Fatima... but it was too hot, too crowded and I was too indecisive to make a commitment.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Everything is Dark

It's getting light later and dark earlier, so today I decided it was time for my fall color. Dark brown. Very dark brown. Like hershey's chocolate.I need a bit to adjust, I think. But for now it is time to go put on a short dress and high heels and try this new look out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

16 Year Old Making Clothes

Are you kidding me MTV?! You have a special on "fashion designer" Kira Plastinina. Yes, I wrote about a dress of hers I loved a few months ago. But she is 16!!! Her dad is worth bazillions!!! And she says she is successful because she works hard and fashion is her passion. Then she give an example from when she was 6. Umm, that was 10 years ago. I had passion ten years ago too... it was called using my fake id in bars. Can't you feature ANYONE else with some credibility?

Oh wait, I am old. I am out of the MTV demographic. Carry on then...

trust fund covered kisses,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jumping for Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is where it is at. Read here...

Tattoo Me

I love tattoos.. well most tattoos. And while I plan on adding another one to my collection, I always remember momushka's famous words, "Never get a tattoo anywhere that it will show in a wedding dress." And I won't.

But this NY Times article made me smile and happy and sort of want to ditch the day and go get something permanent. But instead I will go get some junior mints to munch on and save the big decisions for another time.

ink covered kisses,


Days Like These

Let me show you all the glamour and the gold
Secret fantasies in a show biz world
Music and lights - I'll sing and dance for you all night
Sequins and pearls and lots of pretty girls

(promises to start carrying my camera more... pics on my phone aren't cutting it)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

True Confession

I am slightly entralled by the Rachel Zoe show on Bravo. The other day I caught an episode and like a train wreck, couldn't turn away. Then late last night I caught part of another episode. And then watched the one after that. Then part of another one.

I may be hooked. Though let's be honest, I could probably so the same thing she does... as could a few other people I know. Only difference is that I'd need more than a venti starbucks to survive.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Hate the Holidays

That sounds awful, doesn't it? I don't actually hate the holidays. But I kind of dread all of the excess that comes with them. You eat too much, spend too much and somewhere along the way lose sight of what they are all about.

Holiday spending is expected to grow at its slowest pace in 6 years (according to NRF). So why don't we all save ourselves the time and stress, take a trip down memory lane and give the people on our list a favorite picture in a fab frame.

Kinda makes sense, doesn't it...

Makeover Stories

Sunday night I had some friends come over while I interviewed a makeup artist at my place. As soon as I have time, I am going to put the pictures we took together for a byt article. He gave us lots of fun tips.... including how to put on mascara with a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush), how to use bronzer to enhance your cleavage and how to clean your wand before dipping it. Mascara wand you naughty, naughty monkeys.

Madness I tell, absolute madness!


I want to find this and frame it.
(thanks E!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wild Wild World

Moving on is never as easy as it seems, even when it is the best of ideas. But there is wine and conversation and friends to make you remember that you know what is best for you, even if it doesn't always feel like it.

Back to the fashion talk tomorrow.
Tonight it's dinner and drinks with a new friend...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Weekend, I...

hijacked a dog
hosted birthday cocktails
got some shoes
got a cold
got some more shoes
napped, grilled, cleaned.

et tu?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheer -- Umm, Sheer?

After New York Fashion Week everyone's talking about sheer as the new trend. Sheer this, and sheer that. I think sheer is best kept to lingerie... and maybe a top here and there.

But want to know where it isn't looking so good?
These two outfits...

Are you feeling me on this one?

Corcoran and Cakes

Last night I volunteered at the Corcoran to see Chef Duff speak. He was hilarious to listen to and I am pretty sure every woman in the room had a crush on him by the end. B and I sort of hung out til the end, drinking wine and stalking him. Finally, we got our pic...

Then, on our way to the car we spotted what we thought might be his van in the parking lot. So we did what any normal person would do. We peeked into the windows and snooped around. That's when our super-spy senses spotted this sticker on the back...
With skills like ours, it's a wonder the CIA hasn't recruited us yet.
(sidenote: The Corcoran has really amazing events every month. But apparantly attendance has been down and some great ones have had to be cancelled. GO CHECK THEM OUT. )

The end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shoe Obsession

Me. Obsessed. Shoes. Bad. May need intervention.

... or at least a larger bank account.

kisses for Wednesday,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boys Who Wear Makeup

Click here for boys, eyeliner, mascara, and more... oh my!

Make Me Over, Sir

This sunday I am getting a little makeover and interviewing a makeup artist we met while getting our makeup done for the wedding a few weeks ago. He just came out with his own mineral makeup line and is as funny as he is good with the brush.

Let me think about this... someone is coming to my house, making me pretty and giving me makeup to play with. And then I get to write about it. Yeah, this works for me.

Stay tuned!
(in the meantime you can check out his makeup here)

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Waiting Game

Whether it's an election, a sporting event, a doctor, or an interview... there are few things more frustrating than waiting to hear results.

If you need me I will be watching gossip girl, shopping online and playing the waiting game.

patience covered kisses,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Act 7. Scene 3 - Saturday Adventures

The American Girl flits around town with new and old friends combined, sipping sangria, or wine, or anything else that is red and sweet and makes you giggly. It's a day that works in phases, with the ultimate goal being to escape the heat and secure spots at all of the best places. Which are really just empty restaurants, friends' apartments and a bi-partisan golf cart that gives you a lift for free and blasts John Mellencamp as you drive through the streets waving like a prom queen on a float.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

When the Cool Kids Come Out to Play

She's a Mannequin

Look what I bought... I always thought it would be fun to have a mannequin, so I couldn't resist when I bumped into her while out furniture shopping yesterday.

Top Shop to USA

One of my favorite stores, Topshop, just launched their US website. While its got a lot going on, it's also stocked full of the fab clothing that we used to only be able to order from the UK.

Ok enough talk, I need to get back to shopping!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Daily

Can't be at fashion week? Yeah, neither can I. But at least we can get the scoop each day thanks to the Fashion Week Daily. It's almost (ok, not really) as good as being there.

It's the End of the World

All of the talk about the LHC has me thinking... what clothing items do I own, but would be embarrassed caught wearing should the world come to an end.

Here's my list:
1. velour sweatpants and matching hoodie
2. a Miller Lite t-shirt
3. acid washed jeans with an embroidered skull on the side (purchased after a very long champagne brunch in NYC)
4. pink socks with a rainbow at the top that were bought as a joke and I still wear with boots
5. poop-brown leggings - who wants to be found dead in poop-brown leggings?!
6. metallic silver rayon dress
7. white granny panties

Sadly enough, I am sure if you looked in my closet there would be more.

Fall is Here

In case you missed it, read here.

(my morning) By the Numbers

6:05 ignore alarm
7:35 roll out of bed
8:35 stop for coffee/find kombucha
8:37 dodge pigeons in the park
9:35 catch-up on fashion week
10:33 need to start work

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Freakin' Fab

Victoria Beckham chopped her hair and it looks amazing (even if she kinda scares me a bit).
It has me excited to dye mine dark later this month.
All the cool kids are going short... when are you going to chop yours off too?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fashion Week Trivia

Question: Which designer sent men down the runway during fashion week dressed as girls?

Answer: I'm not telling....

but here's a hint: he once had blue hair.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Conversations at Fashion Week

I can only imagine what these two are thinking while this picture was being taken."So, uh Audrina, my neckbone - is it sticking out?"
"Oh totally. You look totally boney. What about me? Do I look smart?"
"Smart? What? Oh, of course you do sweetie. But back to me. Do I look bloated? Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have had that glass of soda water. Bubbles make you bloated."
"No, no... you are fine. Wait, maybe if I tilt my head to the left I will look... wait what was I doing again? Oh whatever, after this picture of over you wanna go share a cracker?"

Scented Games

Switching perfumes is a big deal. I can smell a scent and tell you which of my friends it belongs to. And I love when you pick up a smell and it brings back a memory. Like I said, it's kinda a big deal.

My bottle of Jessica McClintock perfume is almost empty, which means that I need to make a commitment and pick a new scent. Something sweet, floral, slightly musky, and light... without being too sweet, floral, musky, or light.
Decisions, decisions...

This Is Me Saying...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Silly Pictures for Silly People

Grunge Meets Country

I'm the type of person that when I get it in my head that I want something, I can't stop thinking about it. This week... a plaid button-down blouse.
Urban Outfitters has the one above, but considering I will probably be over the look before the leaves start to turn color, I will be heading to F21 instead.
Is it country? Is it grunge?
I don't know.
But it is definitely going to be mine by the end of the day.

kisses for the weekend!