Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Target's Grey Kinsey Boot

I probably shouldn't be sharing my secret, but I am terrible like that. While visiting my parents I spotted a pair of grey knee-high boots on a girl and gapsed! They looked like the Frye's I had been crushing on. The girl admitted they were from Target... and only $34!!! A few minutes later my sister called me through the store to look at the same boots on the same girl. "I know! Target!" I exclaimed.

As we were walking out of voting this morning I spotted them on a girl in line and not-so-discreetly pointed and drooled. And in 2 weeks the same pretty grey boots will be delivered to my door.

If there is one steal of the season, these are it. Trust me... mommy knows!


Amy Grubbs said...

Meggy, I have those from Target! Now I am waiting for it to get cold enough in Texas to wear them! ;-)

carolyn sewell said...

Miss Z i could just kiss you! I have been searching for tall grey boots (at a good price) for ages. And the reviews on these boots are fantastic. I just ordered me a pair. Thanks for sharing. :o)