Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roll Call

So many blogs out there. Here are a few of my favs... which I usually read in the morning with my coffee and green smoothie. (in no order of importance. I can't play favorites, it wouldn't be right)
  1. Model Burnbook - she's a model. she's dark, sarcastic and spot-on.
  2. Catalog Living - I giggle out loud.
  3. Displaced Bones - lots of black and white pictures of fashion.
  4. The Cosmic Cowgirl - food. yummy food. I'm hungry.
  5. One Good Thing - I cry. Alot. Puts it all in perspective.
And now I need to go... the Jersey Shore cast is on The Today Show. GTL.

Don't forget to tell me what your favs are!

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