Monday, December 28, 2009

More on that

I would like everyone to know while I don't tend to get envious often, I truly, madly and deeply have envy of my sister. Organizational envy. Everything in her house has a place.* Open a drawer- voila! little plastic containers for candles or batteries. Her bathroom is immaculate. Her makeup drawer is organized in a way that would make Martha Stewart hate her. And I am pretty sure she doesn't spend precious seconds each morning digging around for her favorite eyeshadow like I do. All of her clothes have hangers. And did I mention how even her shoes are lined up.

Now after 5 days in such immaculate clutter free bliss I am on The Container Store's website trying to find a way to segment my things. My life. Ah yes! I shall segment everything in my life. Someone, come, help me, please... this won't end well!**

(* see, even her couch is orderly)
(**preferably my sister so that she can work some magic on my place)
(***oh and bring that cute baby of yours too)
(****and maybe some snacks, all of this organizing makes me hungry)

cluttered kisses,

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Courtney said...

If you need any pointers, let me know. I'm just as anal about the neat as your sister.

Also, I just bought a new lamp at HomeGoods. It is lovely.