Monday, March 9, 2009

Things to Think About This Morning

1. why your alarm never seems to go off on monday morning
2. whether it is ok to wear a skirt with bare legs to work this early in the season... and whether or not you really care
3. really, shoulder pads are coming back?
4. In this economic downtown, is a $4 frozen yogurt still justifiable if you call it a dietary necessity
5. how exactly do they make glow in the dark champagne

kisses for monday.


chris said...

5. certainly not by hunting elephants.

Ms. S&C said...

For #2: yes, it was likely too early for bare legs, but no, I didn't care:)

Ellen Davis said...

Same here! On Monday, in fact, I did the bare legs and a skirt. Should have run it by you guys first. Oh well.