Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wedding Day By the Numbers

8 o'clock wake-up
7 bridesmaids
6 minutes on the computer
5 bottles of champagne
4 cups of Starbucks
3 pieces of broken bone in my foot
2 pairs of shoes
1 very excited bride

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spinning Around the Room

When I was a little girl, I used to dress up in my Nana's fancy dresses and spin around in circles, as though the world revolved around only me.

When I was 15, I would take my sister's clothes, wanting to look older than I was, because in my small town it felt like the world was revolving without me.

This morning I tried on my fancy dress and my too-high shoes and spun around my apartment - revolving, revolving, revolving around.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Trivia

Which preppy retailer opened up shop in a liquor store in Tibeca?Click here to read all about it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Change of Seasons

It's been quite a week. I quit my job, am going back to work with some people who are so great they may as well be family and I get to do what I know best... retail.

Not to mention fall is almost here, which means I get to pull out my tights and hoodies and wrap up in long scarves.

Le sigh...

Filene's has tights on sale for 75% off. I bought three. In black. But different shades of black... so it's totally acceptable.

Your Library Card is No Good Here

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone walks up to my desk to talk, picks up a pile of papers and starts reading them. Not newspapers... actual documents.
This isn't a library son, go find your reading elsewhere.

Rainy Thursday

It is dark and rainy in DC today, so don't forget to grab an umbrella before you head out the door. Also don't forget to head over to byt and read my Dress Code 101.

raindrops and kisses,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

"You ran on a broken foot... that is stupid!"
"What?! I didn't run for a week."
"Not running for a week? That is like taking the pill for 3 days and thinking you can't get pregnant."

Can You Adopt a Dog?

If you or someone you know can foster a baby dachshund
for 1-3 months, you are needed ASAP. One of the
biggest puppy mills in WV has been closed down. There were almost 1000 dogs - approx. 700 of those are dachshunds - and they all need homes. These dogs will probably have to be
euthanized if foster homes are not found. If you can commit to
a dog for 1-3 months, please email Brit and the Dachshund Rescue of North America at ASAP!

Here is a video from the bust:

Go and call... I will continue to sit here and debate if I can actually swing taking a pup in for a bit.




Wrap It Up and Stick a Bow on It

I know that my 30th birthday isn't for a few months (fine, 5 months), but I have already started dreaming up some wish-list ideas.

Here goes:
1. Furla bag (Afrodite please!)
2. sewing machine
3. a watch - nothing danty. I am looking for a big, chunky men's watch
4. to watch a show at 930 club from the balcony above the stage

the end.

and yes, I know I am ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

75% Off at Hard Candy

Hard Candy is having a major clearance and everything is 75 % off. That means makeup, nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadow... you get the picture. And if you spend more that $60 they will ship it for free.

So stop reading and start shopping!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tatu for Marc Jacobs

me: omg! TATU is the new face of Marc Jacobs
cfab: WHAT
me: oh yes!
cfab: well they arent winning grammys...
me: seriously, when did marc = russian teen lesbian?
cfab: im not sure.
remember kate moss' CK jeans spread
actually, not her but all the 15 year old looking kids that did it
me: oh totally... but isnt TATU older than us now?
cfab: no honey! if they were younger than us before... they're still younger than us!
me: scusi
cfab: they are prob like 22
me: oh yeah, we aren't THAT young

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Bell is Back

I am totally content in a white Hanes tee and some Target flip flops... but when it comes to jeans (and purses), I am a total snob. For one main reason, I hate when the butt of jeans gets stressed out and starts to look saggy.

I just discovered Gap's new low rise bell ($60) and they are absolutely fabulous.
Go... now... buy... wear... love... thank me later.

DC United - Who Knew

This weekend involved tailgating and my first DC United game. How come no one told me about this sooner? While these two were real serious about the action on the field...
crowls got real serious about the dance party that took place at the 42 minute mark.
DK got serious with his beer
and the ride back with the top down was seriously scary.
For serious.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful on the Outside

Ok, I lied... it wasn't a total tech-holiday. I did manage to write something for byt.
Check it out here...

Now who wants to ditch the office and go enjoy the sunshine?

I May be Colorblind

I have been insisting that the wall in my bedroom is blue.
"What color blue?" my mom keeps asking.
"Blue, blue!" I keep answering.

Finally I just took a picture of said wall and emailed it to her. This morning I got this reply...

"This will make you laugh... The color looks gray. Is it a VERY gray-blue? Doesn't matter. I'll send a few skirts, you pick, and eventually return what you don't want. Friday Hugs"

I am guessing now isn't a good time to mention that I actually had a class on colors in grad school... is it?

Oh well, like momushka says... Friday Hugs!

Cupcakes Come to Dupont

Ok, tech-holiday over... and just in time! You know what I discovered on my walk to work this morning?

The new cupcake spot in Dupont is open!
And it couldn't have come at a better time, since lately I seem to be very, very into those little bits of deliciousness.
Helloooooooo cupcake!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If We Took A Holiday

I am taking a little tech-holiday from posting for the next few days.
But if I were to post, these are the things I'd be talking about...
- Kiehl's new green product line
- the fact that LV raises their prices 5% twice a year
- my serious need of some sunshine and a tan
- frozen yogurt... one of my favorite topics

ocean covered kisses,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wine in the Country

a place
I've found
could be
all ours
but I've seen
where you'd rather be.

Bottle Me Up

I am on the hunt for a new aluminum water bottle.
I heart the environment.
You should too.

earth covered kisses,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nana's Words of Wisdom

There are some women who seem to just have life figured out. They exude self-confidence, are smart, witty, and classy... with just a touch of eccentricity to make them stand out from the crowd. My Nana (who I have written about on this blog before) is one of those women.
Here are a few of her gems from our 15 minute phone conversation this evening:

On yoga:
"Tell me darling, how many times a week are you going to yoga?"
"Oh maybe 3 or 4"

"Can't you go 7 days. Why aren't you doing that?"

"Because I don't have the time or energy for that Nana!"
"False, darling, yoga gives you energy. Of course you can go 7 days. Start going."

On men:
"There are no good men left. They don't make them anymore. I got the last one. Just get used to being with yourself, it's much better company anyway."
"Yeah but I would still like to meet someone."

"Well, maybe at yoga. It's not that hard. I am 90 and have men flirting with me all the time. As they should. Then I just smile and go on my way."

On my apartment:
"So, tell me about where you live." "
It is cute. It's in the city, but I have a little patio, so it doesn't feel like it."

"But is it safe?"

"Yes very, I have bars on my windows."

"Sigh, move somewhere safe. No one wants to look at bars. It's like jail."

Then she had to go because it was "her busy hour" and other people were trying to call.

Oh What a Week

It has been one hell of a week. My high school best friend just had her baby (after 34 hours of labor... yikes!), I have been out of the house before 8am every morning and haven't made it home before 8pm, we got to celebrate the birthday of one very awesome lady, and other fun stuff I am too pooped out to mention.

And this weekend only looks better. Did someone say WINE TOUR?!

One bus, 25 of our closest friends, three wineries, and lots and lots of vino. This could get messy (in the best possible way).

kisses for friday!

District Sample Sale

Don't forget to get your tickets to this fall's District Sample Sale. All profits go to the DC Rape Crisis Center. I have to be honest... I have never been. But a very reliable source, whose closet I raid daily, has informed me that last fall's was better than the spring one. So... that can only mean that this fall's has to be amazing. Right?

District Sample Sale

When: Tuesday, September 9, 6:30 - 9:30pm

Where: The Galleria at Lafayette Centre. 1155 21st Street, NW

Cost: $40 per ticket

Click here for more info.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work is so crazy, I am not sure if I am sinking or swimming.
But I do know one thing... this total lack of humidity these past few days has me excited for Fall. I am already plotting my cool weather wardrobe.

One question... knee socks over tights, yes or no?

I think I like!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Advice to My Unborn Niece

1. Take advantage of your mom being a hairdresser. A good cut and color is not cheap
2. There is nothing better than cuddling with your Nana Ondash. There's magic in those hugs.
3. Never cry over a boy. Let him cry over you instead.
4. Always moisturize.
5. A girl can never have too many purses, no matter what her age.
6. Everyone will have an opinion. Yours is the only one that should matter.
7. Live in Europe at some point in your life. It will change how you see the world.
8. Don't let your daddy dress you. Fashion is not his forte.
9. Ignore the "mean girls". They will end up miserable, with frizzy hair and bad fashion sense.
10. A good song can change everything.

... to be continued.

aunt meggy

This Morning By the Numbers

5. golden minutes on snooze
4. minutes of Olympic gold coverage
3. not-so-gold attempts to leave on time
2. shimmery gold ballerina shoes
1. "a bit too gold for work" shirt

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time to Do Some Good

Last night I was too much of an old lady to get to Rock n Roll Hotel for their 2nd year anniversary, including the BYT dance party that was upstairs. Part of the bar sales went to help Svetlana raise money for The Breast Cancer 3-Day.

It's a great cause and a great effort by her (cause let's be honest, our butts aren't about to walk 60 miles in three days)! So be a pal and help her raise some cash. Click here to make a contribution.

Two Bits of News

1. My Tom Ford for Prez tee finally came and it is FABULOUS. If you haven't ordered one yet, don't wait!

2. I am currently obsessed with drilling. I have been wandering around my apartment for two days looking to see where I can drill a new hole and hang something. Some things maybe crooked, but I finally got those pictures off my floor and onto the walls.

Nothing Better

Nothing but the local DJ
You said he had some songs to play
What went down from his fooling around
Gave hope and a brand new day

Q&A - Legalize LA

Hey my little fashion guru.
My roomate got me this "legalize LA" shirt and I saw it on 2 people at
Lolla. I really love it but have no idea what it is all about. Doug? Gay marriage? LA? Anyways I was wondering if you've seen it and possibly know what the deal with it is.
Peace and cookies.

No worries... auntie fashionista has the answer.
Legalize LA is a campaign by American Apparel that is aimed at bringing attention to the more than 1 million immigrants that live in LA and contribute to it socially, economically and culturally. AA is trying to bring attention to getting these people the opportunity to becoming legal residents of the US.

Pretty cool!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend Shopping Guide

Hanging around D.C. this weekend and not sure where to spend your hard-earned money? Lucky for you I put together a weekend shopping guide for Brightest Young Things. Click here to check it out. Plus, it's still Tax Free until Sunday!

bonne shopping!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bye Bye Plain Old Band-Aid

Looks like bandages are the newest fashion accessory. Or at least, that's what the NY Times is saying. They remind of us of the time Marc Jacobs sold bandages printed with “Ouch!” and “Boo! Boo!” And inform us that now it is all about Swarovski crystals.

And I thought I was cute the day I wore a Nemo band-aid on my toe. C'est la vie!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Price of Candy Just Went Up

Did you hear that Daily Candy just got bought by Comcast for $125 million?
Do you know what Daily Candy is?
If you don't, then you should start to read it... daily.

And Comcast, please don't turn this fun little site into something boring, corporate, or worse, something that only actually works half of the time... you know, sort of like my cable service.


Yesterday I was telling a friend that I didn't understand why people put such an emphasis on marriage.

Today I saw this picture on The Satorialist.

Now I am thinking I would gladly race down the aisle to an Italian man that looked like that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Skylines and Music

I'm coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta, gotta be down
Cause I want it all

Celebrate What's Underneath

Did you know that married men change their underwear twice as much as single men?
And that Italians wear red, Argentineans wear pink, and Brazilians wear brand new underwear on New Years Eve?

Now you do... Happy National Underwear Day!


Write a Poem, Win a Diamond

Who doesn't love a little bling? Mervis Diamond Importers is looking for funny, clever and romantic limericks about love and dating in the Distric. Their favorite submissions will be printed in weekly ads in The ONION. And the best limerick wins a $500 diamond pendant!

Entries must be original, in the form of a limerick, and appropriate for a family website (no swearing, my loves). Entries will be received starting on Wednesday, August 20th and voting on the finalists will go until September 3rd.

Click here for all the details, rules and whatnot.

More From Lolla

Most IndividualisticIgnore the trio of khaki shorts and just focus on the pleated jean skirt in the middle. With black knee-high socks. And crocks. On a man. Oy! The end.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Best of Lolla: Part 1

Best dressed girl
Best dressed guy
Fedora-inspired hats were everywhere (damn my short hair... definitely not hat friendly!). The girl looked like she was having so much fun dancing around in hers. And the guy looked totally crush-worthy with his retro bag, long hair and straw hat.

Best of Lolla: Part 2

Best Retro Look
The picture doesn't do this girl's outfit justice, but she had on high-waisted black spandex shorts, a halter bikini top and heart sunglasses. It was all so absurd, but put together sort of just worked on her. (click on picture to make it larger and get a better look)

Waving the Flag

Hey, hey you!
My pop rocks sharing, Martha Stewart comparing, I-don't-know-you-that-well friend.Stop reading this blog and start talking to me... I miss you!