Monday, October 27, 2008

When Music and Clothes Combine

The Washington Post has an article about how more and more stores are having in-house djs spin in order to attract younger customers. I remember the first time I encountered a dj in a clothing store. It was about 6 years ago and my friend Zack had gotten a weekend gig spinning in a small women's boutique. He described it as feeling "incredibly out of place". I thought of it as the best idea ever. And while I have to admit that a dj in Lord & Taylor makes me think that the trend may have jumped the shark, any job that pays in clothing is a good job to me.

But who am to judge... read about it here.

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An Idiot Savant said...

1. It's probably pretty easy money.
2. It's cool that DJing is at that echelon in popular culture.
3. Kill me now.

Then again, I'm trying to gain favour with the DC movers and shakers right now, so who am I to talk?